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Historically, organized labor throughout the United States has been plagued with organized crime and corruption. In 1957, Congressional hearings were held to investigate the rampant crisis focusing concerns on bribery, fraud and other forms of racketeering across the labor movement. This endeavor resulted in calls for immediate government intervention in union governance.


Today, many players among organized labor continues to partake in such criminal behavior including the United Auto Workers.


The United Auto Workers (UAW) have endured critical failures to their organization since reaching their pinnacle in the late 1970's. For over a decade, the UAW has been in the crosshairs of federal prosecutors and the Department of Justice investigating the UAW's entrenched involvement fostering criminal behavior.

In recent years, federal agents revealed that millions of dollars intended to train workers was instead spent by leadership of the UAW on air travel, solid-gold pens, a swimming pool, personal homes, a Ferrari, amoung other luxuries. Countless indictments and convictions have exposed the mass degree of fraud spawned by the UAW and calls into question their union contracts.

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"The UAW Culture of Corruption is systemic" Dept of Justice

UAW Corrupt Leadership

UAW President Bob King (2010-2014) Investigation

UAW President Dennis Williams (2014-2018) Investigation

UAW President Gary Jones (2018-2019) Investigation

UAW President Rory Gamble (2019-2021) Investigation

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