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for Webasto Plymouth Colleagues (7-RC-316411)

The United Auto Workers have officially requested an election monitored by the National Labor Relations Board federal agent for specific employees of Webasto Plymouth MI

This election will determine "if" the Webasto Plymouth colleagues wish to be exclusively be represented by the

UAW for the single purpose of Collective Bargaining

How can you answer the question on the ballot if you're not sure what it means?

Review the information below to learn more about the union's petition for an election, how the election will be conducted, and more!


Apr 6, 2023

Apr 12

Apr 19

Apr 19

Apr 21

May 10

May 11

May 18

May 18

May 25

Petition for Election Filed with NLRB

Employer Receives Petition from NLRB

NLRB Approves Union Withdrawl Request

Petition for Election Filed with NLRB (2)

Employer Receives Petition from NLRB

NLRB Approves Stipulated Election Agreement

Employee Contact Info Shared with Union

Election Day

Tally of Ballots by NLRB (8:30pm)

NLRB Certification of Tally Results (if no objections)

See Employer's NLRB Petition Notice?

See the NLRB Direction of Election?

See the NLRB Notice of Election?

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