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Ask yourself, what do I do if I don't agree with how the union is representing me?
Are you prepared to file a federal charge against the union?

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Employees have a legal right to file federal charges against their union if they believe their NLRA rights have been violated. These allegations are called Unfair Labor Practice Charges (ULP charges). The NLRB receives about 20,000 to 30,000 charges per year from employees, unions and employers covering a range of unfair labor practices described in Section 8 of the Act


Each charge is investigated by Board agents who gather evidence and may take affidavits from parties and witnesses. Their findings are evaluated by the Regional Director, and in certain novel or significant cases, reviewed by NLRB attorneys at the Division of Advice in Washington DC. Typically, a decision is made about the merits of a charge within 7 to 14 weeks, although certain cases can take much longer. 

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ULP Charges 

Against Them


Unionized employees, business owners, managers, and others often bring labor law charges against the union. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) oversees the process of determining if the union violated the law.

These ULP Charges against the union include numerous allegations including:

  • Duty of Fair Representation, including Super Seniority, Denial of Access

  • Coercive Action including Surveillance

  • Refusal to Bargain, Bad Faith Bargaining

  • Changes in Terms and Conditions of Employment

  • Coercive Statements including Threats, Promises of Benefits

  • Discharge including Layoff and Refusal to Hire

  • Refusal to Furnish Information

  • Repudiation / Modification of Contract, Unilateral Changes

  • Coercive Activities including Retaliation, Discharge, Discipline

  • Coercion including Statements and Violence

  • Refusal to Recognize

  • Assistance

  • Union Dues, Membership Related including Excessive Fees

  • Weingarten

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