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for Webasto Plymouth Colleagues (7-RC-316411)

The National Labor Relation Act states, "Collective Bargaining is one of the keystones to the entire Act". Collective Bargaining, or negotiations, is the ONLY thing the union has a right to do if they win the right to represent employees. Make sure you know what Collective Bargaining is before you vote.

How can you answer the question on the ballot if you're not sure what it means?

Review the information below to learn more about the union's petition for an election, how the election will be conducted, and more!


NO ONE will know how you vote.   It is completely secret and confidential.


The question on the ballot is simple:

  1. Do you wish to be represented...  you cannot opt out of representation if the union wins.

  2. For the Purpose of Collective Bargaining...  it's the ONLY thing the union wins.

  3. By the United Auto Workers (UAW)...

       there are 34,000+ unions, how do you know this is the one that has your best interests.


What is Collective Bargaining?:   If the union wins the election, both parties have to do 3 things.

  1. Meet at Reasonable Time/Place...  

  2. Write down anything both sides agree to...  

  3. Confer (Negotiate) in Good Faith...  Company & Union Must allow offers to "move".


Collective Bargaining goes on to say, Company and Union...

  1. Must equally attempt to negotiate

  2. are NOT compelled to agree to any proposal from other party.

  3. are NOT required to accept any concessions from other party.

Want to learn more about the ballot?

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