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Ask yourself, what do I know about this union's financial stability? How do they spend members' money?

It's always in an employee's best interests to understand and appreciate where their money is going if they pay a union. The United Auto Workers, must file annual financial reports with the Dept of Labor-Office of Labor Management Standards. These reports demonstrate how the union captures their revenue and how they spend your money.


CLICK THE LINK to download the UAW INT'L

Financial Report (2022)


CLICK THE LINK to download UAW Local 3000

Financial Report (2022)


Will I be expected to pay the union?

If things sound too good to be true, they usually are. But remember, as the old saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Unions and union membership are a good example. Paying union, like the United Auto Workers, membership dues may seem like a good idea. After all, the union promises better pay and benefits, right? Think again.

But where does the money go?

UAW Membership Dues are 2.5 x Straight Hourly Pay (Paid Monthly by members the Union). In most states, the law allows the union and the employer to agree to a clause in the contract called "Union Security". This clause allows the union to collect dues and initiation fees from the employee members as a condition of employment (or failure to join and pay would result in termination).


At Webasto Plymouth, with roughly 250 full time colleagues, the UAW is hoping to bank on more than $600,000 over the course of a 4-year union contract.


UAW is expecting to collect greater than $600 in Dues alone from each Webasto Plymouth employee's paycheck every year. This doesn’t include payment of fines, assessments or initiation fees from future employees. 


Where does all this money go?  Besides paying the high salaries and benefits of union bosses, their salespeople (organizers), negotiators, and others, the union also uses dues money for luxurious trips, hotels, charter flights, casinos, fancy restaurants, political agendas, legal defense, private consultants and more.


How much does the union spend on actually “representing” members?  ONLY32% of the total expenses by UAW Local 3000 goes toward "Representational Activities". That's $.32 cents of every dollar in dues. The remaining 68% is spent on running their business, paying their high-priced salaries and political activities. That’s right – only $.32 cents of every dues-dollar go toward representing the members’ interests by the UAW Local 3000. Check the facts within their own annual financial report.

Source: UAW Local 3000 LM2 2022, Office of Labor Management Statistics

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